About Us

We don’t eat meat, mayonaise, or olives. We like Citizen Radio, Rachel Maddow, and Autostraddle. Basically, we’re your favorite lesbian couple who met at their college newspaper and didn’t fall in love until one of them moved away. But this is a happy story because this is story about food and music and cute queers.


Christina is the tall one and Laura is the cute one in sunglasses.

Christina is a law student who lives in Boulder, CO. She likes running, live music, and only occasionally believes she is psychic. Her foods of choice include fruit desserts, breakfast foods with fake meat, and chocolate milk. She writes about non-specific things at Delete the Adjectives. She rarely cooks and instead prefers to play the music, wash the dishes, and prevent anything productive from actually happening.

Laura is currently FUNemployed, but has worked in grassroots organizing and public interest lobbying. She also likes running, but not quite as far as Christina, international relations and politics, and stopping to pet every dog she sees around town. She writes her many thoughts and feelings re: international affairs at…An International Affair. She does most of the cooking and doesn’t believe in measurements, so brace yourselves for that. The secret ingredient to everything is love.

You can follow their adventures on Instagram.



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